We all have traumas, difficulties and experiences in our lives that each of us must deal with so that they no longer hurt or imprison us. The Healing of Memories Workshop is an experience based, creative, group workshop to address our trauma and facilitate one step toward healing, as we share our stories together. Everyone has a story to tell and every story needs to be heard and acknowledged.

The Healing of Memories process, by exploring and acknowledging the emotional wounds carried by nations, communities and individuals, is a “First step toward healing” workshop, that creates a safe space for people to tell their story, to be listened to and heard. The second phase of the workshop enables people to begin to deal with anger, struggle with forgiveness and overcome hatred. People are also invited to a reunion to share their healing journey.

The Healing of Memories Workshop was first developed to run in parallel to South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission by Fr. Michael Lapsley, who lost both hands and an eye in a letter bomb attack in Zimbabwe 1990. Today the workshop is run around the world and is part of lasting individual and community healing.

Fr. Michael will be visiting Edmonton in September. Together with local partners, he will facilitate the third local Healing of Memories workshop here in Edmonton. The local Edmonton workshops have been for the First Nations, Settler and Newcomer communities of Edmonton to be healers of one another; to reach a better understanding of ourselves, one another and the community we form.

You and your organization are invited to be part of lasting and sustained healing in Edmonton through the Healing of Memories.